The examples shown vary in medium, size and price.  Where I can, I have indicated these, but I work on commission and would need to discuss the details of the work to be done individually.  I usually do portraits in oils, sometimes in acrylics. Water colour or pencil sketches are an option as well.

How I work:  A formal oil portrait is slow work and can take many hours.  I like being able to do preliminary drawings and some of the work from life if circumstances permit but do use photographs as a tool as well, sometimes, if needs be, working solely from these.  I need to point out that I never simply copy a photograph.  This always shows in, and detracts from, the finished work.  I use several for reference and need one posed as if for the finished work.  This will spare the sitter endless hours of tedium!

If you wish to commission a portrait, please contact me so that we can discuss options and pricing.