Making the large maiolica bowls is a major part of the work I do,  I have been making them for two decades.  During this time they have become better made and more complex in design. The work process, both working with clay and decorating, is time consuming, exacting and at the same time deliciously satisfying.  Because the pigments I use change during firing, some of them dramatically, it is always surprising to unpack a glaze kiln and find the changelings within. I have a strong, no doubt fanciful and romantic sense that the bowls make themselves, clay and colour simply passing through my hands to bring them into life. This feeling is especially borne out during the decorating process.  I divide the circle before me into four and begin at the center, working my way outwards with colour and line, foliage twining through and against a geometric structure. The bowls happen, there is no planning or conscious directing.  I follow my instincts and 'see' what will be put down next as I go.  Never copied, the designs flow through the filter of my mind and I think bear witness to a lifelong love of earthenware, especially Islamic, Medieval European, Hispano-Moresque and Italian maiolica. My modest efforts I hope I pay homage in a small way to the dazzling achievements of generations of potters who made the beautiful things one can see in great collections and museums. It is hard work, their circumstances were often less than comfortable, their names have been lost and  much of their output.  It is a privilege to see the jewels that remain. 

Work is slow!  I produce only about  12 - 16 bowls a year. If you would like to order one, your name will go to the bottom of my very democratic list.  Any new bowl  is offered to the person at the top of the list;  if they like and take it, their name gets removed. At present the waiting time is about 3 months.

Average dimensions:  Diameter 40 - 43 cm, depth 12 cm

All are made to hang securely on a wall.  This is a safe way of displaying and storing.

I have recently started making smaller bowls as well and will add details of these as they become available.

Current price SAR 6000.00  

A deposit of R1000.00 will be required on confirmation of order.

Cost of delivery and shipping will be added to the final cost.