Maiolica is a term used, strictly speaking, to describe earthenware pottery produced in Italy since before the Renaissance, which is when some of the most beautiful work was produced there.  Nowadays it describes, broadly speaking, the technique - earthenware body with bright pigments applied onto the raw white glaze before firing it, to fuse colour and glaze. This is the technique I use. My designs are a fusion of European medieval and Islamic design and require patience and time to produce.

I fell in love with earthenware, softer because fired to a lower temperature than stoneware or porcelain, as a young woman and the love affair has been enduring. The large bowls I make, which could be considered my flagship wares, I have been working on for around 25 years. Since incorporating painting into my life as well, I have been producing only about 8 - 10 a year. 

Pricing: This depends on the time and effort involved in the making, and can vary between SAR 900 - 6,000

Crosses - Like the decorated bowls, I have been making these for twenty-five years. It pleases me to cover what is essentially a major symbol of suffering and torture - as well as redemption -  with colour, stylized foliage and flowers, my small protest that we as a species like adding, deliberately and with indifference, or relish, even more suffering and pain beyond that which ordinary life can and will provide. This is me putting flowers down the barrel of a gun.