Winter can be very quiet - inexplicably, as it is the most beautiful time - for Montagu and Ibis Gallery, so I chose this time to travel to the USA to visit my daughter, and stopped over for a few days on my way back in London. Museums and art galleries abound in both places, and I came back sated. As always, some experiences and memories seem richer and more thoroughly haunting. I cannot get the trees of New England out of my mind, nor the twice life-sized, 11th century Spanish carved oak Christ, now gazing down benevolently in the RISD Museum ( ) in Providence. Rhode Island, nor the bright blues, greens, turquoise and lustres of the splendid Islamic ceramics in the British Museum. Of course there was much, much more but these are the things which have roused in me an enduring sense of awe, and have been thoroughly absorbed into my mind and heart.

Ibis Gallery will be taking advantage of this continuing quiet time to close its doors for repainting and rehanging of works, from 8 - 24 July in time for the Boekefees. More about this later.