New work

We have decided to exhibit in a more relaxed manner over the next few months, probably until around Easter next year. The reason is twofold: Hennie and I have both shamefully been neglecting to produce work for Ibis and there will be a lot less running around and organising to do, so freeing us up to do even more work!


Hennie has recently worked his way through major commissions and will now be making smaller items for the shop as well as tall and narrow cabinets in spruce, ash and cherry wood. We hope to have these in Ibis by the end of September.


I have recently completed a task I set myself to force me to learn to use acrylic paints and have 12 small landscapes framed and hanging. A valuable experience - acrylics handle very differently from oils, and Jirre, did it teach me patience, discipline and how to paint faster! I have emerged from the experience a  braver and faster painter, and simply loving the medium now that I have learned to use it passably well. In the pipeline are two larger canvasses. All the landscapes are local or semi-local - Montagu, De Hoop, Overberg, Churchhaven and Hoeko. 


On show too will be some older work - drawings and paintings, and works by Raymond Andrews, Jaco Coetzee and Cathy McShannon. Our doors will be open from tomorrow.

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