The 15th April, which will see the opening of our new exhibition WINGS, is fast approaching and finished work is beginning to trickle in.  Our invitation to the participating artists was to "rejoice in and pay homage to the glory of all winged things both natural and imaginative, poetical and philosophical, sacred and profane."

We are pleased with the results. Mostly bird related - not at all a bad thing! - there are enough deviations from this theme to make a varied and interesting show. Most works are on a small scale, some very small, and there seems to be a brightness and lightheartedness, and indeed a happy rejoicing, evident in what people are submitting. I think we will see a buildup of enthusiasm and wider and wilder scope given to the idea of freedom and the transcendent possibilities inherent in the idea of flight as this exhibition proceeds and continues to develop and billow, we hope, with creative imagination. 

We intend keeping this exhibition going for about three months, but in an unusual way. As work is sold, we will let it go and replace with fresh works so it is important to regularly keep visiting Ibis or our website.  Our artists have been asked to keep developing ideas, keep working and submitting new material which we hope will make for an interesting flow of wonderful work through this gallery over the next three months.  We will keep updating you and a formal invitation to attend our launch with an open day will be following shortly. We hope for a lovely ephemeral stream of things to flow through Ibis, happy, distractingly optimistic in these uncertain times, for kingfisher brightness and beauty.