IBIS expands

During the past winter, the house at 11 Barry Street was given a face-lift by builder Attie Jas when the ugly face brick enclosed veranda was removed, giving the lovely old house it’s beauty back.  The dogs were restricted to the back garden, a hedge was planted and a garden is beginning to take shape.  Then during October Attie did more work, breaking through from the existing tiny Ibis gallery which formerly housed work by Carolyn Metcalfe and Hennie Kok, into the house itself, so more than doubling space available and allowing us to run a more formal gallery showing the work of others as well, and more of Hennie’s larger pieces of furniture.  At the same time Sue Kok and Macushla Falkiner were welcomed on board.  We now have a democratic, hard-working and enthusiastic team of four in place,  bringing different strengths, skills, abilities and vision to the gallery and its future life.  

On the evening of Friday, 11th December we opened our doors.  It is our privilege be hosting a show of remarkable photographic images by Andre Schoon, the first artist to join our stable.  The event was well attended by an enthusiastic crowd.  It will continue until 23 January, 2016.   A good beginning and we are hoping to create something very special here.

We already have plans for at least two further shows during the coming year, the first one a group exhibition which will probably to take place around Easter 2016.  As these plans unfold we will keep in touch via this platform and we will keep posting updates of new work done by ourselves as well.

In Ibis Gallery we have created a peaceful and pleasant space where people can take their time viewing what is on show without having a sense of being pressured to buy or move on. Within these walls you will find not what is merely trendy but only that which we ourselves love. This space provides room for discussion and debate, for contemplation, for clearing one’s mind and simply being quiet. Our artists and crafters love what they do and they are prepared to put in the time it takes to do it well, and it is this quality in them that makes the work of their hands rare and valuable.  Our mark up is modest for two reasons:    We wish to support our artists by keeping their work affordable so that they can flourish and continue with their good work, while our clients can be assured that here they will find only beautiful things of great excellence that are reasonably priced.


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