Bismillah trades in vintage Oriental carpets and is managed by myself, Machushla Falkiner, and Deryl Barlow. Deryl is known for her passionate love of Persian carpets and her extensive knowledge around their history and weaving. After hosting an exhibition of her carpets at Ibis Gallery about 3 years ago, we felt that it would be a complementary element to include carpets on a permanent basis. Deryl and I entered into a partnership, and trade as Bismillah Vintage Carpets at Ibis Gallery.

We both favour older carpets, with their wonderful qualities of age, traditional designs and traces of having been used - these carpets are after all functional as well as beautiful.  Hand-knotted tribal carpets are gradually becoming more of a rarity - young folk are no longer keen to devote themselves to this laborious and exacting art as so many generations did before them. The political and social turmoil in the areas which have traditionally produced the bulk of the carpets, does not help.

We source our carpets from various authentic suppliers and auctions. We try to keep our prices low, so hoping to make the purchase of a beautiful carpet affordable and within reach!

Carpets currently available: